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jacket on jacket/ jakna na jaknu

Gotta love those sunny day. I love the sun, who cares if it happens to be windy as long as there is pleanty of sunshine! If I had lived in the old pagan days, I'm pretty sure I would worship the sun god:)  Tko ne voli sunčane dane? Ja volim sunce, koga briga ako je vjetrovito (ili čak bura) dok god ima dovoljno sunčeve svjetlosti.  Da sam slučajno živjela u prošlosti, u danima poganske religije, štovala bi božanstvo sunca. This white tally wejil faux leather comes from a man's department so it's a size or two too big and thus perfect for layering. Those of you who don't feel comfortable shopping at men's deparment in stores (but really the quality of men's clothes is often better than those for us), just steel your oversized something from someone:) Over size anything can be a pretty good cold solution because it enables to layer it like no one else!!! Thank you for reading this:) xoxo Ova bijela jaknica (imitacija kože