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How to style flare sleeves? (first Autumn outfit)/ Kako nositi široke rukave? (Prva jesenska kombinacija)

We're back in Mostar. The question of the day is how to style flare sleeves. Blouses, shirts and tops with flare sleeves are growing in popularity. Now that the Autumn has arrived, this type of flared long sleeves might be just what we need to bright up our days a little. Everyone loves a little flare. So, how should we go about it? How to style flare sleeves for every day? When it comes to every day wear, I always recommend denim. Pairing a flared sleeved blouse with a denim skirt will give a casual note to your outfit. If you want to make the outfit a bit more feminine, I recommend wearing heels. I chose my DIY pom pom sandals with high heels. How do you like this look? The location is, as I said Mostar. In fact, I already talked about this bridge and location in this post  so no need to repeat myself.  P.S. I cut my hair in a long bob but since my hair grows so fast it already grew out a bit. Evo nas opet u Mostaru. Pitanje dana je kako nositi široke rukave. Bluze,