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Should We Redo Our Work Or Leave It As It Is? How Much Editing Is Too Much Editing?

This is the dilemma I've been facing lately. One of my art teachers told me that the hardest thing to learn when it comes to painting is knowing when to stop. I suppose that can be applied to life and blogging as well.  Knowing when to let go, when to pause, when to stop (and in case of blogging when to click the publish button) is an art in itself. Recently I've read one article that described our generation as generation of perfectionists. That particular article seemed to warn about perils of perfectionism. Some of us may wonder: 'Wait, how can perfectionism be bad?'  Shouldn't we always strive to be better? Still, one has to wonder how can we strive for the better if we are not sure what the better is. Sometimes we're clueless about what perfection should be, just because we're too busy chasing it. Chasing that elusive perfection, can make us forget that the definition of 'perfection' ultimately depends on our selves. We are the ones responsible