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outfits (green and blue )/ odjevne kombinacije (zelena i plava)

jacket: alpine pro, dress: moda in, sweater: vintage, shoes: nosense, bag:handmade for me by my grandmother, sunnies: DM jacket: Azel, tartan scarf: tartan tablecloth bought at local store, midi skirt: vintage, heels: no name, sunnies: DM I wore both of these outfits last Friday, so I've decided to post them together.The first one I wore when I went to buy some new canvases and the second one was really just trying out this vintage midi skirt I got recently. The skirt is about one size too big but I've decided that I won't do anything about it because this way it is easier to layer it (or maybe I'm just too lazy). I love to wear colours in winter and both of these looks are dominated by a certain colour, the first one by green and the second one by blue. That would be all for today, I really lack the energy to write about anything else. xoxo Obje ove odjevne kombinacije nosila sam prošlog petka, pa sam ih odlučila objaviti zajedno. Pr