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Pearls, sneakers and a new haircut / Biseri, tenisice i nova frizura

They say pearls match everything, don't they? Well, why not try pairing them with sneakers? I love pairing dresses with sneakers because I'm all about that causal yet feminine chic. If I can have a bit of pattern mixing (for example striped sneakers with floral dress), why then I turn into a blissfully happy girl. If I can be comfortable and still feel dressed up, well then I don't have anything else to ask for in my style voyage.  Colours, patterns, mix of styles.... all these elements came together to create the kind of outfit I feetl best in.  What else can I say? I felt pretty darn good wearing this. New haircut made me feel even better. When you feel like you can’t change anything, change your hairstyle. It might give you a new perspective. Few things can make us feel as confident as having a great hair day. Am I right, my darlings? Sure, changing our hairstyle is a risk but life is always about risk tasking. Besides, it is not like our hair won't grow back, is it