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WIWT/ što sam danas nosila

This is pretty much how I dress when temperatures get below zero Celsius. Being warm is all that is important and from head to toe, every clothing item was selected with the sole purpose of keeping little me warm, including dr. martens boots (that I didn't wear for a while and ) that must one of few shoes that can be worn with two pairs of very thick socks. Today I picked up a few books that I have been planing to read for a while. First, The Autobiography of Martin Luther King .  One of my dear friends once send me a few YouTube links with Martin Luther King interviews and said really pay attention to this. I think it was just than that I realized what a force this man was...just watching that first interview made me teary eyed. I've started to read the autobiography tonight and all I can say is that I'm very impressed so far. I'm also really looking forward to reading two other books I took with me, Paradise by Toni Morri