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The painting and the outfit of the day / Slika i odjevna kombinacija dana (Gdinj, Hvar)

I think I have already shared this oil painting with you. This canvas was a gift for a family friend of mine. It depicts the new church in my grandmother's village Gdinj (in this   post   you can find all the links to my previous posts about this village). This new church is actually quite old, but I will talk about that some other time. The other building you can see used to be a school. Gdinj doesn't have a school anymore because there aren’t any children left. You know how it is. The state is interested in getting the money from the islands, not in investing in them or finding the ways to keep the people there. Fortunately, islands are resourceful people. They always find a way for themselves if there is a way to be found. Let's hope for the best. They have always known how to take the good with the bad. I have loved all Croatian islands that I have visited so far. I didn’t visit all 1000 of them, but I visited many. However, there is one that has a special