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What do I talk about when I talk about painting? O čemu pričam kada pričam o slikanju?

  I don't think anyone would call me a painter. I don't even consider myself to be one. However, I do paint and today I will talk about why I do it. I don't benefit from it financially, quite on the contrary it is a hobby that is costing me both money, time, effort and energy.  If time is money, I lost a lot of money painting. After all, I never sold a painting in my life. However, I  do produce painting in large quantities. I did gave away dozens of them to friends and some I even donated to charity. Recently I made a decision to invest  more energy into painting, even if brings me nowhere. I'm writing about it because people are often afraid to do what they want and sometimes we're the only ones holding ourselves back. I have worked hard in many areas of my life and for years it has been one failure after another, so why should I be worried about spending time on something that I genuinely love? ....even if I don't always enjoy it (because painting can be