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Hello dear readers! How are you doing? Today I'm taking you to beautiful island Hvar (Croatia) again. I'll show you some places I visited last weekend on island Hvar. Before heading for Split city , we made a quick stop on island Hvar and revisited some of our favourite places. As some of you may remember, I spent the year 2020 working and living on this island. It was great. This visit to island Hvar was short, but we still got to revisit some of our favourite places and people.  SUCURAJ, ISLAND HVAR I blogged about Sucuraj quite a few times. I always go on about how this place has some of the best views. It inspired one of my favourite paintings. If you want to know more about this place, you're welcome to visit some of my old posts. Island Hvar is a huge inspiration for my art, so it was great to be able to see it with my own eyes again.  A PRINTED DRESS FOR CATCHING A FERRY IN SUCURAJ VISIT SUCURAJ ON ISLAND HVAR WITH ME TRAVEL WITH MY ART SUCURAJ VISITING SUĆURAJ (SUCH


Hello readers! How have you been? I'm feeling really under the weather these days. I know it's not the virus, because you have to get tested to cross the border. I did just that because I had to come to Croatia to take care of some things. At the moment I'm in Split city, Croatia and as some of you may know it's my hometown. What a beautiful and inspiring place Split city is, full of history and culture. I blogged about it many times, so I'm sure regular readers of my blog are quite familiar with it. Halfway through this post, I'll leave you with some links with my older posts in care you want to do some research. Apart from that, this will be another outfit post. My outfit was practical and all about being comfortable for a long walk.  A white tunics (with blue details) layered under a beige maxi skirt and black heeled ankle boots . Once again, I shopped my closet. We didn't exactly do sight-seeing, we were just taking care of some paper work. However, w


Hello! Time for another TRAVEL WITH MY ART feature . Once again, I'm taking you to island Hvar, Croatia- more precisely to Jelsa city. I'm very excited to share this new canvas painting with you. This is the second night seascape I made (you can see the first one here ). The reason why this painting is so special to me is because it captures an amazing event I witnessed last year- Dance of the Sails. You see, during the summer (every Thursday) the traditional fishing boats sail from Vrboska to Jelsa and there they put on a show. You know how much I love boats. So, why should I miss the chance to paint this amazing sailing event and share it with you? These traditional boats actually perform to music. The boats sail in the rhythm of music and it's really such a lovely spectacle to witness. The light effects are beautiful and the music is amazing. I enjoyed this event so much last summer. So, I simply had to paint it. Painting night is a special challenge. I tried to capture


Yesterday I had great fun wearing this vintage blue pleated skirt. I paired this skirt with a beaded straw bag, a white straw hat, statement necklaces, burgundy tights and leopard heels. I felt mighty pretty in this outfit. The occasion was a coffee date with my husband. I always felt great in this skirt. Ever since  my sister-in-law handed it down to me, I enjoyed coming up with different ways to style it. It's a wonderful item that can be worn all year around. If you recall, last July I shared a TEN WAYS TO STYLE post   devoted to this skirt.  Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, so I styled this skirt for spring weather. I didn't even need a jacket. This outfit proved to be quite comfortable. Another successful 'closet shopping'! Speaking of that, today I'll share 30 more outfit ideas  featuring this pleated skirt. Scroll down to see how I wore this skirt in the past.   30 WAYS TO WEAR A BLUE PLEATED SKIRT ....and a few more photographs of my yesterday outfit plus M