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More Photographs? A Perfect Evening in Split City / Još fotografija?

I was asked for a better view of the painting on the back of this shirt, so I've decided to post more photographs of the outfit I wore it with. (additional DIY on this shirt are those gold buttons I've sewn onto myself)  I think all fashion bloggers face the dilemma about much photographs to post. Sometimes we have a lot of them and decide to include only a few and sometimes (for what ever reason) our posts are loaded with them.  Having another look at this particular series of photograph, I came to conclusion that more is better. The real star of these photographs, it seems, is neither myself nor this painting of mine, but Split city. Doesn't it look absolutely delightful when the sunset paints the mountains pastel pink and  blue while the sea turns into most wonderful shade of silver? Even when the finally sun sets, it's still beautiful and full of life. Netko me zamolio za bolji pogled