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WIWT/ Što sam danas nosila

I stayed up late baking cakes and today I feel exhausted (it is probably the cleaning up that made me so tired, not the baking itself ...that part I always love). I honestly don't remember when I felt this tired.  How are you doing? Happy 4 advent if you're celebrating. I don't have much to say about what I wore today. I'm having a bad hair and skin day as you can clearly see. I almost want to fall asleep and wake up after Christmas or even New Year. I persist in wearing these jeans even if they are too short for me and I haven't done anything about that. I'm always in favor of wearing clothes that is about my own age, as is this amazing vintage leather jacket (that you saw on this blog about a dozen of times ). I'm sure that once I get some rest, I'll feel a lot better. Perhaps I'll crash in early tonight...and get my groove back by tomorrow morning. Ostala sam dokasno peći kolače i danas se osjećam iscrpljeno ( vjerojat