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 In this post, I'll review a historical novel titled The Book of Fathers by Hungarian author Miklos Vanos.   I'm glad I own a copy of this book, for it is worth a reread.  I have read this book many years ago, but I haven't published a review of it on my blog yet. Considering that I still remember this novel fondly, I think a book review is due.  I remember my first reading experience of this book quite clearly. For some reason I was sure that I was going to like this novel, even before I know what it was about. The cover attracted me as much as the title. When I've read the opening lines I was positive that I'd enjoy this one. I was right. The book dragged me in and took me for quite a ride. In fact, I absolutely loved  The Book of Fathers .  A FASCINATING PREMISE IN A WELL ROUNDED FAMILY EPIC This is a well rounded epic story, spending over centuries, following lives of one Hungarian family. Perhaps the most fascinating premise is the one about the ability to loo