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Bookworm Girls Wearing Yellow Dresses ( Fashion illustrations of the day)

Fashion illustration is definitely something I'm constantly working on, in an effort to both improve my skills and to find a style that works best for me. I would say that fashion illustration is a very wide field, especially these days. To me this revival of fashion illustration makes perfect sense. When professional photography first became a thing, fashion sketches fell into background of fashion advertising, but today they are having a comeback. Not just in marketing, but in art as well. Many artist are taking to fashion illustration.  There are people doing all kind of things, from doing complex fashion paintings that are closer to art than to sketches of clothes, to doing a very simplistic drawings meant to illustrate only clothes. From sketches of clothes to artistic fashion paintings, there are many ways to approach fashion illustrations. Sometimes fashion illustration is more about aesthetic, sometimes it is all about functionality (like in being an actual sketch of c