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I wear my paintings...Ja oblačim svoje slike....

There is more than one way to show your paintings to the world. When it comes to painting on clothes, let me tell you it really isn't that much different from painting on canvas (and canvas is made of cotton just like this shirt) .  I've written about textile paints so many times, so not to repeat myself, feel free to check out the technique here ,  here  ,  here , here , and here . (I could  probably find a dozen more links, that's how often I posted about it. If anyone is interested, I can always put all of them in one post) This post is actually  a continuation of the one posted before the last post ( the interview). The outfit is pretty much the same, the only difference being the shirt I'm wearing. Summer is giving way to Autumn slowly, so carrying one long sleeved clothing item  in your bag is usually a good idea. Postoji više od jednoga načina da pokažete svoje slike svijetu. Kada se radi o slikanju na odjeću, ono