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DIY necklace, yellow bag, flare jeans, icream and Split / ručno rađena ogrlica, žuta torba, zvone, sladoled i Split ( Zenta)

Ice cream. What says Summer better? When it comes to ice cream of my choice, I've been a faithful customer of Ledo  for years. Their ice creams are nothing short of divine and I have never had better ice creams anywhere! If you decide to vacation in Croatia, don't forget to try them out, they have many different options, even ice cream cakes and deserts. I won't advise you to buy their other frozen products for example frozen fish, because you will do better if you just go to the local fish market. Some of Ledo's frozen fish products are imported from the northern seas and hence doesn't taste authenically local (and the price is the same as for local better quality fish). Anyway, I think it is always better to buy a fresh product if we can. I won't talk much about the outfit, it is very simple. I'm wearing my DIY necklace again, this time I paired it with a simple olive jumper, flare jeans and yellow bag ( I know you must be wondering do I have any other