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illustration of the day (painting with make up)/ ilustracija dana (slikanje sa šminkom)

Image Let's talk about the benefits of painting with make up First of all, it's something new and different so it's fun. Secondly, it can be good for the environment. Thirdly, it might teach you something about your make up products that you didn't know. Painting with expires products is a good way of getting some value out of them- and isn't that good for the environment too. There's much talk of sustainability these days, so why not recycle our make up products?  Well, using all make up for painting is just a brilliant way to recycle, isn't it?  You can use old products, the ones that you don't use or need anymore. You can recycle them. Instead in the bin, let them end up on your desk. Put the make up in a nice glass, mug  or some container and give your desk might a lovely make over. Place a