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How to handpaint a plant container using acrylic paints?

The only thing I love more than DIY projects is a combination of DIY projects and recycling or upcycling. Today it's time for a little up-cycling.  How to handpaint a plant container using acrylic paints? Well, this one is actually pretty simple. All you need is a bit of acrylic paint and a brush. Well, actually you don't even need a brush. You can apply the acrylic paint with whatever you like. You wait for the colour to dry and that's pretty much it.  I'll give you a few extra tips later on, at the end of this post. First things first. Why would one want to paint/repaint a plant container in the first place? Maybe because you want it to match the colour of your surroundings? You know aesthetic reasons. That's the only reason I can think of. I wanted my plaint container to look nicer, and that was basically my motivation.I actually tried finding a ceramic container for this lovely lavender plant I bought but I was worried that it might bet broken. This lavender