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Françoise Sagan: Réponses 1954- 1974 (BOOK REVIEW AND RECOMMENDATION)

Hello! Today I will review  Réponses,  a book of interviews by  Françoise   Sagan, another author I hold in high esteem. Perhaps best known for her first novel  Bonjour Tristesse , Sagan was actually an amazingly prolific author. Sagan published 21 novels, 3 short stories collections, 2 biographical books, 7 autobiographical works and 9 plays during  her life.  Sagan even wrote a ballet! After Sagan's death, 8 more books of hers were published posthumously .  You could say Sagan  proved many times that she is more than a one hit wonder. Still, most people know Sagan solely by her youthful hit. Maybe it is because Bonjour Tristesse  has caused such a sensation upon its publication?   I liked her youthful hit Bonjour Tristesse (Hello Sadness) a lot, but her other works even more. It was once I have read Sagan's more mature works ( Scars on Soul and Lost Profile ) that I have really fallen in love with her writing. Obviously, when I saw a lovely copy of this book in an antique