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COLOURFUL STYLING FOR A VISIT TO ČAPLJINA CITY Orange, green, blue, black / Narančasta, zelena, plava i crna

Orange is the colour of warmth, some say. In the colour palette, it is placed between red and yellow, two colours that are very dear to me. So, the fact that I'm fond of this colour is not surprising at all. As you can imagine, I was very happy when I found this lovely midi dress. I've been looking for a long sleeved midi dress for a while, so it's great that I finally found one- and in perfect colour.   The fact that it is from a local brand Bellissima makes it even better. I'm mentioning this brand because people often avoid local stores thinking they are expensive, but in reality they are often cheaper than high-street brands. Yes, you read that right. You don't have to buy all your clothes in Zara, H&M and other high-street brands. Not that I'm against high-street brands. I'm not.  I mean buy clothes in Zara if that is what you really want, but don't be afraid to explore different options. Never buy something just because someone else is doing