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Is blue the colour of forgiveness? (a blue dress and a green scarf) / Je li plava boja zaborava? ( plava haljina i zeleni rubac)

Colours. Patterns. Summer. Funny how it always comes down to Summer. Sure, I like wearing patters and bold colours all year long, but bold colours sure do look more cool with a bit of tan. The same seems to apply for pastel colours as well. Or do I simply like the tanned look? At any rate, colours  and patters are two things make me extremely happy. They can turn even a simple summer outfit into something that feels interesting and fun. Scarves are one of my favourite accessories.  Perhaps because they're a great way to infuse a bit of colour and pattern into any outfit? This dress originally came with a black bow. I liked it, but I like tieing a colourful scarf in the place of that bow even more. Customizing clothes is always a lot of fun. Do you like customizing clothes? I sure do. Blue dress. Blue is the colour of forgiveness and forgetting, or so one of the characters from Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King claims. I liked this colour symbolism, but I must be honest and say I