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Nautical print dress for a visit to one special place... / Haljina s mornarskim uzorkom za posjet posebnom mjestu....

I'm very pleased that I get to show you this place again. Despite the fact  that I already took you there with me (more than a couple of times actually), I still enjoy writing about it. Remember this , this , this or this post? For me, it is one of the hidden jewels of Herzegovina. Can you guess where it could be? Drum rolls....  It is Mostar Lake. Located in vicinity of Mostar city, this lake is actually man made and younger that me! Yes, it was made a few years after I was born. The length of the lake is about 10 kilometers and the depth is about 20 meters. I think it is safe enough for swimming. At any rate, I swam there a couple of times and as you can see nothing happened to me. There are many kind of fish living in this lake, so if they can survive there, I suppose it must be clean enough for swimming. I was there the day before yesterday and that is when there photographs were made. I didn't go swimming this time. The day was windy and sunny and the views were es