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 Hello dear readers and friends, it's Friday and that means it's time for another FRIDAY FASHION ILLUSTRATION feature.  I don't post every Friday, but I do my best to keep the tradition going. I started this feature years ago!  Today I'll share two portrait sketches in my 'fashion illustration' style. The medium for both of them is watercolour pencils on paper. As you might know, I often turn to this medium when I want something done quickly. It's not a medium I've mastered, but I do enjoy it.  When it happens that I don't have the time for art, I make sketches. Sometimes  a quick sketch can lead you places. Sometimes it is a dead end. You never know until you try, don't you? Anyhow, quick sketches might be all that I'll be doing in foreseeable future.  In my last post (on Friday), I wrote about protecting one's art against AI.   Not that I'm an expert on the topic, but it is an issue that deserves attention. I might write more about