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Showing posts from March 22, 2019


The spring has officially arrived and fashionistas just wanna have fun! It seems all we want to do is to start wearing those spring outfits as soon as possible. Straw accessories are simply perfect to create that spring/summer vibe so many of us are craving right now. Today I'll show you an outfit proposal that features two straw accessories: a straw hat and a straw bag. On this particular day I really wanted to shed layers and get rid of heavy coats, but as it wasn't super warm yet, I had to think of something. 
The solution was to opt for cord pieces. Corduroy was all the rave last year, but for many of us it was nothing new. Many of us never really stopped wearing it. If you are lover of vintage, the chances are that wearing cord pieces is second nature to you. This material is typically quite warm and comfortable. This makes it ideal for spring. You can put on a nice pair of cord jeans and a cord jacket and you can get that cool casual vibe going, without having to risk g…