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The Stone Throne / Kameno prijestolje

I think I rather like this stone throne. Unlike the infamous Iron Throne (I'm referring to a fictional throne in a well-known literary world of George R.R. Martin), one doesn't need to fight desperately to keep it.  That iron one is highly desired and this stone one is not. Well, this stone is not really a stone throne, but it made me think of great many things. About nature and our relationship with it. About one bank manager who left his highly paid job and went off to live in natural parks of Canada or USA (one of those two, I don't remember exactly which one, I saw it in a documentary).  That ex bank manager said he is happier now, because he has never been surrounded with so much beauty and because every day he can find a new spectacular view.  For what does it mean to own to place? Can we really ever own a place when we don't know if we're going to live to see tomorrow? When we are not sure will that future we kneel before ever happen?  Mislim da mi se