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Zadar/ Zara (photography post)

What to say about Zadar? It's stunning city for one, absolutely stunning. It is also known under the name Zara. Like most Dalmatian coastal cities, it's very old so history lovers (as tourists often are) should feel right at home. Plenty of sight, lovely beaches, vicinity of many islands....this town just has it all. The first photo you see I had taken a few years ago and you can actually see a sea organ (little holes- pay attention). Architect who constructed it was indeed a man of rare talent because hearing the sea play (and you sure can hear it) is one of a time experience. On the photo below you get even better view.  One interesting fact about Zadar is that it was burned to the ground by the crusaders in the 13th century (November 2012 to be precise). That was the first time (and the last I believe) that the crusaders had destroyed a christian town. What was the reason? Venice asked them to do it because Zadar was an important port and they didn't wan