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Details from my home / Detalji iz moga doma

The floral arrangements in my home are ever changing, depending on what I have available in my garden. What finds its way into my vases, doesn't necessarily have to be a bouquet of roses. In fact, I love wild flowers and wild plants that often get ignored. In addition, I don't always cut the flowers, sometimes I replant them because that way they live longer. I'm always creating something new and I have lots of idea. Sometimes little details can mean a lot when it comes to home decoration. Take for example this little decorative white crib I bought a while ago. It is an interesting piece that can be used for a variety of purposes, but I mostly use it too keep flowers or plants in it. How do you like my home decor inspiration? Yesterday, I almost purchased one of those home decor magazines, but then I thought to myself, you don't need it, you have too much inspiration as it is. My mind is about the only thing that nobody can take away from me, so I might as well enjoy i