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Hello dear readers! Today I'll share another location illustration with you. As some of you know, I started a new feature on my blog that will be all about virtual travel with the help of my art and sometimes photographs. I think we can all use some virtual travel right now as travelling options are restricted. This watercolour pencil landscape was inspired by Split city, Croatia. More specifically, it was inspired by one of my favourite sights in Split city and that would be these absolutely gorgeous historical stone houses in immediate vicinity of  Matejuška port .  These beautiful stone houses seem to grow out of stones themselves. They look like something straight from the fairy- tale. I can never get tired looking at them, I tell you. So, why not illustrate them? When I saw a photograph of these stone houses in a touristic brochure, I decided to illustrate them and to use that promotional photograph as a reference. I sketched the houses with staetdler watercolour pencils and