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Interview with Pini Hamou

Seeing his works for the fist time, I was mesmerized by their complexity, artistry, refinement, visual richness and abundance of meaning. Pini Hamaou is a brilliant photographer from Israel. He has kindly agreed to do an interview with me. To see more of his works visit his website .   1. As a photographer what do you find most challenging? As a photographer, it's important for me to move forward and to find new ways and techniques. I don't want to repeat myself. Usually we humans like to stay at our comfort zone, at places we know. The will to change is very important for our personal development. 2. Many of your photographs seem to have a message of some kind. What do you think good photography should convey? In my view a good photograph must create interest with the viewer. It must tell him a story, or pass an idea. The aesthetics of the picture is important, but more important is the idea behind it.  http://www.pinih.c