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Why is DIY good for the soul? Zašto je dobro za dušu kada izradimo nešto sami?

Hi there! As you can see I'm no longer in Split (Croatia),  I'm actually in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) at the moment. I made a stop in a local library here to pick up some books. Yesterday I've read Buddha in Supermarket by Dario Rukavina and even if this collection of stories one wasn't my cup of tea, it seems to me that this author may have some potential. I will be searching for more of his works. Now, about the outfit. I feel like wearing something all pink and feminine. This skirt is vintage and the flowers you can see on it are DIY meaning that I painted them myself. I've always been a DIY kind of gal, especially when it came to fashion. I think I will add some extra details to this pencil skirt. What do you think about this outfit? Is it something you would wear yourself? Do you own a foulard? How do you wear it? Do you like pencil skirt? ...and to answer the question from my title, I think DIY is good for the soul because it makes us more creati