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Bohemian vibes with Zaful

It just occurred to me that the bohemian style is a very practical choice when it comes to transitional outfits. Layers are one of the key factors in bohemian fashion and they sure do come in handy once the weather starts to cooldown. What better time to layer than in between the seasons? There seems to be something restless about bohemian style, something that makes me think of words like ‘wanderlust’ and ‘discovering’. Is it travelling I’m thinking about? Or just that feeling of discovering something new, trying something for the first time, taking a chance and putting on a smile?  A smile of defiance and warmth. Not the kind of smile we smile when everything is perfect, but the kind when nothing is right but we still find a reason to smile about. One of those surprise grins. The joy of unexpected. New places, new horizons…. Yes, movement is implied in bohemian style, perhaps that is where the ethnic prints come in.  Our innate fascination with discovering, maybe it comes alive