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Clothes and ethics / Odjeća i etika

coat: vintage, necklace: DIY, skirt: moda in, boots: Šimecki With the Fashion Revolution Day close at hand, I feel prompted to write something about clothes and ethics. Most people will tell you that a good way to support ethical fashion is to buy second hand or vintage clothes, recycle your clothes or even sew your own clothes . They would be right! I do  all of that and not merely because of ethics behind it. By doing any of the things listed above, you'll make your style more unique and versatile.  Let's take a look at these three things that are quite easy to do. Second hand shops are not only environmentally friendly, they are also a very practical option for us financially challenged people. It is no secret that the clothes used to be made out of more quality materials and while I feel it is great that today there are so many options, I often wonder at the price we had to pay for it. When it comes to recycling our clothes, I think that is pretty much self e