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To be continued...Nastavlja se.....Hutovo Blato, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turns out that I needn't have brought the puffer jacket along with me when I visited Hutovo blato (nature and bird resort in Herzegovina). That problem was easily solved. I just left the jacket in the car and  set about to explore this amazing nature park. So, what if I have been there before? Every visit is like the first one. Nature is never the same you know. Neither are its residents. I may have mentioned that Hutovo blato is a home to about 240 migratory bird species. Yes, 240! If you're a bird lover, this is a must place to visit. Even if you aren't, you might very well enjoy it. This Mediterranean swamp stole my heart years ago. It is located near the boarder with Croatia, so you might just be able to smell the sea salt in the air. If you're curious about my previous visits feel free to visit my old posts here , here , here and here . Ispada da nisam trebala ponijeti ovu debelu jaknu sa sobom kada sam zadnji put posjetila Hutovo blato (park prirode i ptičj