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Versatile blogger award

 Thank you dear Shaira ( from ) for nominating me for the versatile blogger award. I already did this once but what the heck once again won't hurt. Do check out her blog here ! Here are my seven facts: 1. I cried like a baby while reading The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr. Sure there were other books that made me cry, but this one especially so....Every chapter tears were flowing down my cheeks and despite that (or maybe because of that) I really took time and effort to read every single sentence with attention it so rightfully deserves. 2. As far as I can remember, I was always drawing and sketching. This blog didn't change that but how would I ever got into making personalized fashion illustrations  without it? You fashion bloggers always inspire me...and  for that inspiration I'm quite grateful.  3. I'm totally a foodie . I love everything about food...Preparing it and eating it in equal measure. I ev