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a drawning (pencil) / crtež (olovka)

pencil / olovka * The drawning is fairly recent and for some reason I find this face really comforting . I like to think of myself as someone who understands that the world is not black and white. The older I get, the more complex and complicated this society we live in seems to be. I try not to judge too harshly and to always put things in prospective. Life has taught me that things are often not what they seem. Therefore, I would describe myself as someone who is cautious when it comes to labeling things and people. That wouldn't be an entirely correct description I'm adraid.  You see, I was proven wrong on a more than a few instances when I had realized that I'm not as open minded as I believed myself to be. For instance, recently I've read a novel The Host by Stephenie Meyer . I always thought of her as someone who isn't a 'real author' and I remember laughing when I had read mean comments about her by Stephen Hawking and the like (all this b