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Hello dear visitors and readers. Today I'm really excited to join in the Bloggers Art Gallery link up. Kezzie is the organizer and you can find her blog  here .  As some of you already know, I'm blessed to own a lot of beautifully framed oil, watercolour and acrylic paintings. As a hobby artist myself, it gives me great pleasure to have so many paintings on my walls. I don't have a single poster in my home, it's all real art, my walls are all just: canvas after canvas!  My husband is very emotionally attached to my paintings (particularly to ones of boats) so he rarely allows me to sell them.  HYPER LINKS TO OTHER PARTICIPANTS OF BLOGGERS ART GALLERY  Bellow you can find the links with other participants (copied from Kezzie's blog), check them out as well:  Alison    Ally    Anca    Bev Hazel    Julia Kezzie Mike MK Vix Louise Ros Salazar Sophie Sheila FRAMED PAINTINGS IN MY LIVING ROOM - MY PAINTINGS  After some thinking, I decided to share with you just the painti