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Of Love and Shadows, Isabel Allende.

You know how I said that I will publish only book recommendations on this blog, reserving book reviews for my other blog? Apparently, having a blog reserved for books isn't enough to fully express my love for literature. Not even close. I suppose it was just a matter of time before another book ended up here...and why not? It is only natural to want to talk about the things we love. I do love literature. Isabel Allende stole my heart long ago. Her hauntigly beautiful novels are always a brave voyage into the female soul as well as high achivements in the genre of magic realism. Today I'm going to write about Of Love And Shadows . What can I say about this novel that hasn't already been said? Of Love and Shadows deserves all the praise it gets, in that I'm certain. I had high expectations of this novel, for I consider Allende to be a remarkably talented writer. I seem to be have been justified in my judgement. I’m happy to say that this novel lived up to both

August (summary) / Kolovoz (sažetak)

I ended up posting more art than outfit posts last month and I'm glad it turned out that way even if I didn't really plan it. I posted illustrations, paintings, drawings and sketches. You got the chance to see a lot of  stuff I've been working on  in August and maybe that will be the case in this month as well. Or maybe not, I can't tell yet. I'm really happy that I'm managing to keep my 'Inspired by' feature because it is really one of my favourite ones. I've been illustration fashion bloggers for a while and I plan to keep it up. Besides that regular feature, August has mostly been marked by my experiements with using make up for painting. Sadly, my make up art days are coming to an end because I'm running out of old make up to paint with.   Ispalo je tako da je puno više objava bilo umjetničko nego modno prošloga mjeseca, ali drago mi je što je tako ispalo, iako nisam doista ništa planirala. Objavljivala sam ilustracije, slike, cr