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 Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! How are you? It's (almost) Friday and you know what that means on this little digital place to call my own, don't you? It's time for another FASHION ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY (i.e. a regular feature on my blog where I post my fashion illustrations). I don't post every single Friday, but every month you can expect at least one or two posts in this category. Fashion illustration is something that I have always enjoyed and still do.  Even when I was a girl, I would fill my sketchbooks with fashion illustrations and sketches.   Over the years, my fashion illustration style has evolved together with my art. I think it's only logical that other art projects I do get reflected onto my fashion illustrations. Having taken traditional art courses in the past, I sometimes ended up using traditional mediums for my fashion illustrations. At other times, I would experiment with other more modern techniques and mediums. Moreover, sometimes I wou