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I'm very excited to share with you my recent visit to a historical fortress known as Fortiza or Spanjola. Overlooking Hvar city (on island Hvar), this sixteen century fortress offers amazing panoramic views. I already blogged about landmarks in Hvar city (see here) and you've had the chance of seeing this outfit before (here), so today I'll just focus on showing this lovely historical fortress to you. I've actually been meaning to climb this fortress for a long time, but I only managed to do it recently. As most people climb it in summer time, at least I'm offering a fresh perspective with my winter visit. What is so great about this fortress is that it's actually a part of the city itself. So, you'll basically be exploring the city itself while you climb it. Isn't that great? Let's get started!
We went through the entrance door and found ourselves in the old part of the town. There are many markings and signs showing you where to take turns to get…