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Outfit post (casual) / Odjevna objava (ležerno)

hat: no name, scarf: a gift, bag: borsa, coat: Tally Weijl, jeans: gift, shoes: neosens There was a time in my life when I refused to wear jeans. I banished them from my closet and wore only skirts and dresses (and suit trousers). That phase lasted for a year or two. Nowadays, I love my jeans and casual outfits. However, I  think that this 'no jeans' phase was ultimately beneficial for me as it helped me develop my own personal style. Furthermore, it made me try new things, look at clothes from another perspective. Jeans can be great but it is easy for them to become a sort of uniform for everyday. Sometimes limitations can be really liberating. Sometimes all we have to do is to break our routine a little bit. Postojalo je vrijeme kada sam odbijala nositi traperice. Izbacila sam ih iz ormara i nosila samo suknje i haljine ( i hlače od odjela). Ta je faza trajala godinu ili dvije. Danas, volim svoje traperice i ležerne odjevne kombinacija. Ipak