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Fashion illustration of the day /Modna ilustracija dana ( Bonjour Tristesse)

Selecting a title to accompany this illustration was easy. Bonjour Tristesse (meaning good morning sadness) is a well known novel written by French writer Fracoise Sagan. I've read this novel quite a long time ago, but it stayed with me. The novel caused quite a sensation when in was published, in part surely because of the fact that the author was only 18 at the time. I said that the novel stayed with me, but I can't say that I was head over heels with it. To tell you the truth, despite the fact that I enjoyed reading it, I didn't fall in love with this novel. It was interesting and full of haunting sadness, but it seemed clear to me that it wasn't a mature work of literature. A several years after I came across another novel by this author. That novel was Scars on the Soul and it was simply love at the first sight (or should I say at first reading). This second novel of hers that I read seemed to contained everything that the first novel lacked. I will recommend bo


Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Today's post is a continuation of the last one . So, we're still at the same place, I'm just going to show it to you from a different angle. Have a nice day! Hvala vam na lijepim komentarima na zadnjoj objavi. Drago mi je što se u njoj uživali. Današnja objava je nastavak zadnje . Tako da smo još uvijek na istom mjestu, samo ću vam ga pokazati iz drugoga kuta. Ugodan dan želim!    

Sights to See, Places to Visit / Znamenitosti za vidjeti, Mjesta za posjetiti ( Čeveljuša)

Time for another Sights to See, Places to Visit feature on my blog. It's been a while since my last one. However, if you scroll down I'm sure you can agree with me in my claim that this hidden gem was worth the wait. Without further ado, I'll say that the location in question is Čeveljuša near Ljubuški in Herzegovina. This place offers various recreational and sport activies. During the Summer, it is also a  popular bathing spot. I haven't tried swimmimg here myself, as this was my first visit but I'll keep it in mind for future. I certainly have a special place for river Trebižad in my heart ( I explained in one of my previous posts   why this river has nine names).   What I can tell you with certainty is that this is a perfect place to relax a little. I immensely enjoyed my short visit. If you're planning to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, keep this place in mind. Herzegovina is a region so rich in natural beauty that it never fails to impress me. Discoveri

Four illustrations, one season/ Četiri ilustracije, jedno godišnje doba

I've decided to post these four illustrations together because they seem to match well. Furthermore, if I remember well, I had painted all of them one on the same day. The medium is watercolour on paper. Prior to colouring them, I had sketched them using pencil. You could have seen those original sketches if you follow me on instagram ( for exaple here   I'm holding all of these sketches in my hand). To be honest, you probably won't miss much if you don't follow me on insta as most things I post about end up here eventually.  Back to the topic at hand, I often get asked whether I use pencil for sketching and my answer would have to be that it depends. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, depending on the effect I'm trying to achieve.  Odlučila sam objaviti ove četiri ilustracije zajedno jer mi se nekako dobro slažu. Uz to, ukoliko se dobro sjećam sve sam ih naslikala istoga dana. Medij su vodene boje na papiru. Prije nego što sam ih obojala, skicirala sam