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Some of you might remember that I made this grey midi dress myself . The first real dress I ever made! Last year I invested into a fashion sewing class and I'm so glad I did. I learned so much about patterns and dress making. I mean there is still ton to learn, but I'm happy I've finally started learning about sewing because it is something I was always interested in. Besides my love for fashion, I'm also motivated by my interest in making fashion more sustainable. It is my dream to use vintage fabrics and clothes to make  new clothing items that would be completely sustainable.  SEVEN WAYS TO STYLE A GREY MIDI DRESS WITH PUFFED SLEEVES  1. WITH A TARTAN COAT, A PAIR OF HEELS AND A SCARF I wore this outfit a few days ago and you could say that it is my first autumn styling this year. I got a lot of compliments for this look, everyone seems to love this dress. It is very satisfying being able to say I sewed it myself. I paired it with a tartan blazer I love (