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I'm back with another post from Hvar town. I will share with you another historical sight worth visiting in Hvar town and that would be this gorgeous Franciscan monastery dating back to 15th century. These photographs were taken back in February on a gloriously sunny and warm day winter day. I remember regretting taking my puffer with me because as the day progressed, it became quite hot. Curiously, the weather lately hasn't been exactly spring-like, so I kind of feel jealous of my past self in this moment. It is nice to revisit these sunny photographs. Moreover, these photographs were taken long before the whole corona epidemic thing, so strolling a historical town on that particular winter weekend was an extremely calming and relaxing experience.  As I said, today I'll speak about this historical monastery and will even take you inside of it. So, scroll down to see and read more.  I've been meaning to visit this historical Franciscan monastery for a while and I'm