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Book review and recommendation: Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert

Hello, dear readers! How are you doing? Today I have another book review to share with you: Dune Messiah by Frank Hebert. This novel is the second book in the Dune series and it is significantly shorter than the first novel. If you remember, I already reviewed Dune . Earlier this month, I published my book review for Dune by Frank Herbert . I promised to review other books in the series as well. Initially I planned to review all the sequels to Dune in one post, but I changed my mind because all of these books deserve separate reviews. In other words, I decided to publish a separate book review post for each sequel. These kind of detailed book review posts sometimes take a long time to put together, but I don't mind. Being a fairy creative person, I also like to play with the visual part of my book reviews and add a bit of bit of my own art and photography. I don't just copy paste my reviews from my goodreads profile, I like to 'polish' them up for my blog.  That is on