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Fashion illustration of the day/ Današnja modna ilustracija

Dream big and don't be afraid to boldly go where no one has gone before...  fashion illustration/  modna ilustracija Today's fashion illustration comes with a credo 'Dream big'. I've noticed that I'm starting to become a person who is always preparing herself for the worst...and while there is nothing wrong in being realistic and facing the facts (which sometimes in life translated as  facing the ugly truth) we should never let that stop us from keeping a part of our spirit insanely optimistic. In other words: dream big. Dare to believe that you can become your best possible self. We life in a tough world and sometimes in order to survive we really need to be insane optimists, at least part-time. The outfits I have portrayed  in the illustration are fun, playful and feminine. Perhaps that is what I've been looking for in clothes recently...a way to have some fun really:) The full skirts that were popular in the 50ties are back in and there is