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Sights to see, Places to visit: Lake Blidinje/ Mjesta za posjetiti, znamenitosti za vidjeti : jezero Blidinje

Today we shall talk about Lake Blidinje. As the name would imply, this lake is located in the nature park Blidinje. It is the largest mountain lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located at an elevation of 1.885 meters (3.888 feet). I personally haven't seen a mountain lake of this size before. There is something almost surreal about seeing a lake in mountains, especially at this kind of altitude. I wonder is anyone  brave enough to swim in there. Maybe I will dare it some other time. This lake isn't very deep, its maximal dept is about 3 meters and its average dept is only 0.5 m. Its width and length are a bit over 2 km, but these two can vary depending on weather conditions. I can tell you that this lake was a very impressive sight. Anyhow, you will get to tour it too, at least virtually, because today I will show you lake Blidinje from different angles. These photographs were taken on two locations, one right next to the lake and the second one a bit higher above (on those phot