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Hello and welcome to  the twelfth post in TRAVEL WITH MY ART series! I'm excited to share this new canvas painting with you. The medium for this painting is acrylic paints on canvas. I applied a varnish spray over it to protect the colours and add some shine. If the painting looks familiar, it's probably because I have already painted this beach in Zavala (and I might paint it again). This time I captured this beautiful Croatian beach from a bird-eye perspective, though. It might be the same beach, but it's a different painting.  This one is all about the Adriatic sea embracing the stones and the beach. My post will also include my reference photographs (I've used to make this painting) as well as some other photographs we took there.  THE MAKING OF A PAINTING - THE SONG OF THE SEA There are so many layers in this painting. It took me forever to make it. Well, not forever but about 70 hours. I also made a mini canvas version of it that took me significantly less time.