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Innocence Lost (painting of the day) / Izgubljena nevinost (slika dana)

Thinking about what I want to share today. Why not this  painting of mine? How long it has been since I shared some of my latest works? A day before yesterday? This one comes from that series ( here ). I suppose you have already seen it if you follow me on Instagram. I've been feeling rather inspired lately. I wonder if there is any connection between my recent thinking processes and my paintings, is there a collaboration between the two. Sometimes I find myself overthinking things and sometimes I realize that I'm actually using my head for constructive thoughts. It is hard to tell the difference between the two, isn't it?  Thinking about mediums. This one is a mixed media. Can you tell? It is a mix of watercolours and markers. I'm still trying to master watercolours or at least decided what exactly do I want to do with them. For me this medium doesn't come naturally, but I'm persistent.  I've been painting a lot lately but it never seems to be enough