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Let's Talk Summer! Can Summer Hats Provide Additional Sun Protection?

Summer ante portas! So, why not talk about hats? We all know that sun protection is a must all year round, but special attention is necessarily during the summer. We all know the importance of regular application of sun screen. Most of us do our best to find good sun protection products, but sometimes we forget that fashion can be helpful in protecting ourselves against the sun. Fashion can be useful that way!  Cheers to the fact that we can be both stylish and protected during the summer months. That's all I want to talk about today. Using clothes and fashion accessories as a protection against the sun.  It is worth noting that while sun screen is mandatory, there are other things, such as clothing and accessories (most notably hats) that can offer additional protection against the sun. With that in mind I created this fashion illustration. If you want to found out more, scroll down. I've prepared tons of summer hat style and outfit ideas & inspiration for you. A bit of f