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Wearing black and white, but feeling blue.

I wore this outfit a day before Christmas. I think I was inspired by an all white outfit that I saw Idu (from  fashionably Idu ) wear. I thought to myself, why not wear something white myself? I remembered this vintage skirt that used to be too big for me, but since I gained weight, it fits just perfectly. Anyhow, I came up with this (predominately) black and white look. It was a nice enough outfit, the only problem was that I was too hot. Yes, it was about 16 degrees in Mostar. In fact, that is the reason why my coat isn't buttoned up on most of these photos- I'm not the type to unbutton my coat just to show what I'm wearing underneath. My low tolerance to cold is legendary. However, the Winter has been very mild lately. I probably wouldn't have been cold even if I didn't wear a coat. I might have mentioned that I celebrated Christmas in Mostar, as I usually do.  Yesterday I went to Split but I returned to Mostar earlier today. I'm a bit tired, so I'll