Today I'll share two beautiful bays on island Hvar. As you might know, I'm currently based on this gorgeous Adriatic island. While I'm here, I figured it would be a nice idea to show you the most beautiful bays and beaches on island Hvar. I'm not a travel blogger, but I'm somewhat of a local. I have lived in many different places (even countries) in my life and island Hvar is also one of those places where I've lived and spent a considerable amounts of time. Even before I temporary moved here at the end of 2019, I was a frequent visitor to this island. I have family living on the island, so my visits weren't limited to touristic ones.  Naturally, this opportunity to live and work on island Hvar allowed me to familiarize myself with the island  and learn even more about it. I greatly enjoy getting to visit new places here on the island, but I'm also happy to visit some of my childhood favourites such as Southern Gdinj bays. Today I'll show you two of them: Tvrdni Dolac and Rapak. 
I actually blogged about Tvrdni dolac a few years ago (here), but I figured it won't hurt to give you another view of this beautiful bay. Both Tvrdni dolac and Rapak belong to Gdinj village. Gdinjlike most villages here, encompasses many bays. It is placed in the middle you could say, meaning that you can see both sides of the island from the village itself. Some of the bays are located a bit farther away, some closer but the average distance from the village itself is about 4 km. Both bays I'm showing you today are located on the southern side of the island. They are about 5 kilometres from the village itself. 
Both Tvrdni dolac and Rapac have two beaches. These two bays are a bit similar in appearance, with most of the houses being placed in the middle of the bay itself. As I explained in many posts in the past, most of these houses date back way back. In Gdinj and other  island Hvar's villages, people would typical have a few houses, one in the village itself, typically placed at the middle of the island (it was safer to live a bit further away from the sea, because of pirates) and one where they would stay when they would work the land near the sea level and go fishing. Some of them are hundreds of years old but most of them have been renovated and modernized. From what I've seen, Tvrdni dolac is not that different from back when I was a kid. Houses have been renovated but they still kept that historical appearance. For sentimental reasons, my favourite houses in these days are those that look exactly the same they did when I was a kid. However, most of the houses are really lovely. 
There have been some changes in Rapak bay from the last time I visited, but they have been positive ones. In particular, one local man is building something like cascading garden with olive trees, it looks quite lovely. Rapak is a lovely bay that has two pebble beaches. As most bays on the island, it is surrounded by a thick pine forest. They are perfect for a quiet vacation, a break from everything.
I'm not a traveller in the typical sense of the world. If anything I'm more of a local travel blogger, if that makes sense. I've noticed that most travel bloggers focus on bays near Hvar town as that is typically the only place they visit. As gorgeous as Hvar town and its neighbouring beaches such as
Milna are, there is much more to island Hvar. My aim is to show you bays that you probably haven't heard of and that you probably wouldn't know of otherwise. If you want, you can read about other beautiful Gdinj's bays on island Hvar: 
OTHER BEAUTIFUL BAYS ON ISLAND HVAR I HAVE VISITED AND SHARED WITH YOU (Click the links if you want to know more about them):
That would be all for today. As always, thank you for reading and commenting. Take care!


  1. Your vest looks lovely and so does the island - it's great you get to live somewhere you enjoyed as a kid!

    Hope you are having a great weekend :) We celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday, just at home with takeaway but it was nice :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Hello Ivana
    Yes, I think you can call yourself a local travel blogger ahah !!
    And you do this job very well done !! The bays are beautiful and I love these houses so close to the sea !!
    I loved your vest and the way you style it !!

  3. Sviđa mi se mnogo članak i slike su prelijepe. Volio bih posjetiti sva mjesta u Hvaru jednom kada budem u prilici. Siđa mi se cvijeće, zelenilo, more, a kombinacija koju imaš na slici je preslatka. Vjerujem da nema ništa ljepše od sunčanog dana uz more. Lijep pozdrav! :)

  4. Ah, what beautiful bays!!! They look so serene and I am glad to hear of positive improvements with the olive trees! I think we can be travel bloggers without going anywhere - being experts, like you are, at places we know well!
    Your outfit is beautiful- it reminds me of Sarah's outfit from Labyrinth with that amazing shirt and waistcoat!

  5. These are so wonderful Ivana. Just think of having one of those houses right near the water like that. Yet you can go enjoy it just as easily since you are on the island.

  6. So lovely pics from you and a wonderful place.

    xoxo Sabine

  7. What a wonderful island, Rapak Bay must be more beautiful, even it looks different than before.

    I like your style with a nice vest.

  8. wow, in che post incantevoli vivi, Ivana!!!! beata teeee!!!!
    Questa sembra un'isola stupenda, guarda che mare azzurro!!!
    Sono sicura che quest'estate questi posti meravigliosi te li godrai ancora di più!
    Delizioso il tuo look, qualla blusa mi piace moltissimo, sei carisnissima!

  9. What a lovely place to based. I feel it's almost more interesting to get your view of these places as a local because you have insight that a tourist might not necessarily have. Thanks for showing us around these gorgeous vistas.

    1. Thank you Rowena. I'm glad you liked them. These bays are really all unique and special in their own way.

  10. Your local travel posts are a breath of fresh air in these times when we cannot travel. These Southern Gdinj bays are once again utterly, captivatingly beautiful. I'm loving your quirky travel outfit too, especially that magnificent vest! xxx

  11. Wow! The place looks absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful view. Thank you for sharing, Ivana! And I love the vest with flowers; it goes so well with the landscape.

    You have a lovely week ahead!
    Epsita |

  12. I love the name "Local Travel Blogger" - it's so appropriate! This is such a gorgeous part of the world, that before I met you, Ivana, I had no idea even existed. I love the red roofs on the houses. So beautiful!

    1. thank you. I love the red roofs to, they're such an signature Croatian coastline thing.

  13. I love the pirate-y vibe going on with your outfit, Ivana! Such a beautiful part of the world. x

  14. Wow it sure does look wonderful and amazing scenes and views :-D

  15. Stunningly beautiful places and views! Also love your vest, you look really lovely!

  16. Hey dear Ivana, thank you for showing us a little bit more of Hvar Zone, I googled this area and it looks fantastic, wouldn't mind to spend a summer there and enjoy these views!

    It seems that the possibilities to discover in this island are endless!

    PS: I loved that vest, and how you styled with the lilac socks, I have the same pair!


  17. These bays look like wonderful places to visit for a time out from stressful life. The homes are full of charm. Cute prop with the wildflowers!


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